Fundamentals 23-04-’22 / 07-05-’22

The Fundamentals collection is our second release. This capsule collection has been made to upgrade your everyday wear. High-quality fabric made of heavyweight cotton with densely knitted brushed fleece on the inside. Combined with a unique dying process, we have created these comfortable and colorful items. All garments are manufactured in Spain. High-quality fabrics and a lot of vibrant colors should be the fundament of everyone’s wardrobe.

Colors influence perceptions, touch emotions, and sway decisions. Next to that, colors can display your mood or the occasion which you’re going to attend. Therefore, we have picked three different colors for the Fundamentals tracksuits. Purple is associated with creativity and innovation. It’s our brand’s main color and we love every shade of it, but for this collection, we’ve chosen a smooth deep purple. Brown gives a more relaxing effect. Mocha brown is a rich dark shade of brown and perfect to create a cozy vibe. Next to that, brown can be a perfect base for your outfit because this color can be matched with many other colors. The color green is filled with a lot of positivity. It’s a symbol of growth and a sign of life. For the third tracksuit, we’ve chosen the color ‘pine green’, which is also a darker shade of green.

This capsule collection will be divided over a time span of three weeks. Starting on 23-04-’22 we will release a different color every week. The release will look like this:

  • 23-04-’22: Deep Purple Hoodie Deep Purple Joggers
  • 30-04-’22: Mocha Brown Hoodie Mocha Brown Joggers
  • TBA: Vintage Green Hoodie Pine Green Joggers
Same as our very first collection, the stock will be very limited!