About us

Storm Incoming is a Rotterdam-based streetwear brand established in 2021 by two friends who go way back and share a big love for fashion and music. 

Our inspiration varies from very old vintage designs to the latest high-end designs and from streetwear to haute couture fashion. We’ve always had a big interest in the different eras in fashion. Also fashion across different cultures, art, music and other forms of creativity are all sources of inspiration for us.

Besides our love for fashion, we share a huge love for music. Though we mainly listen to rap, we do love a lot of other genres. Each genre has its own background, culture, and fashion style. By thinking out of the box we strive to bring elements of these different styles together and add our own flavour to it, to create our own movement in fashion.

We’ve also always shared a love for sports, and are inspired by how it influences fashion across the world

Our goal is to share these passions with you and combine all these elements into fresh, affordable, unique pieces.